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Why choose Server Blast for your hosting service?
The flexibility of our service
Server Blast web hosting is unique for its degree of flexibility.
Our service was created around the idea that we provide to you a maximum degree of freedom in managing your server. We understand that your needs could be:
You are a webmaster or you have just launched your service. You don't need to choose your current hosting plan based on expected future activity, instead, you only pay for what resources you need, when you need them. With a simple click you can add a share to your VPS, and change your modest machine to a high-performance server without needing to move your website or experience any downtime.
Is your service mainly busy in the evening, on the weekend, or at the beginning of the month? You no longer need to create a monster of a machine in order to manage periods of peak activity. Our Server Blast Flex system allows you to schedule in advance when your machine will need to have more or less power, hour by hour.
Linked to events
Do you need a server to launch a product or to hold an online gaming session? You can choose the power you need for the time you need. Our service has no minimum time commitment! You can decide to stop your service at any time, and you will be refunded for the remaining unused time.
Your needs are unforeseen and change constantly. Our Server Blast AutoFlex service automatically adapts the server's power to maintain steady performance. You can define both when the server should react and what action it should taken when needed, right from your Server Blast account.
Is the power of a dedicated entry-level server more than you need? Our servers may be used comfortably with 1 share.
You don't know what kind of power you need? To see examples of different configurations, go to How many shares do I need? to evaluate the level of services you want to use.