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Cloud Servers

Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting solutions are production-ready clouds with enterprise-class technologies leveraging partners and technologies from VMware, EMC, Dell, Intel, Juniper and more. Our standards-based managed platform provides you with virtually unlimited resources of memory, processing and storage-consumed and purchased based on your fast-changing business needs.

Our Cloud Hosting portfolio provides you the power you need, when you need it, without breaking your budget. Our solutions easily scale as your business grows with online and rapid provisioning, and we guarantee your applications and data are available at all times. Leverage the expertise of our highly technical and experienced staff by customizing your solution today.

Memory 512 MB Storage 20 GB Traffic 100 GB $15 USD Monthly
Memory 1 GB Storage 40 GB Traffic 250 GB $29 USD Monthly
Memory 2 GB Storage 100 GB Traffic 500 GB $59 USD Monthly
Memory 4 GB Storage 200 GB Traffic 1 TB $99 USD Monthly
Memory 8 GB Storage 500 GB Traffic 2 TB $159 USD Monthly
Memory 16 GB Storage 1 TB Traffic 5 TB $299 USD Monthly
Memory 32 GB Storage 1 TB Traffic 10 TB $359 USD Monthly

Ultimate performance

Fully customizable with root access

1 to 50 servers in minutes

Choose a server size and pay for what you use

Total flexibility

Choose a plan and add more as you need

Monitor your usage as you go

Choose your own control panel and web application (sold by 3rd parties)

Peace of mind

99.9% uptime guarantee

Create unlimited firewall rules

Industry-best 24/7 service and support