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Why choose Server Blast for your hosting service?
Storage on SAS disks in RAID 1+0
The security that your data needs
In order to guarantee the stability and security of your data, our storage infrastructures are based on high quality SAS disk bays configured in RAID 10.
Okay, but what is RAID 10 ?
RAID 10 corresponds to RAID 1 combined with RAID 0. It is a technology which stores your data on several disks simultaneously time and the malfunction of 6 disks at the same time before the corruption of any data is possible, which is largely sufficient to allow our teams to preventively intervene without any interruption of service.
As a last measure, in case of a severe malfunction (which has happened only once with a breakdown of the emergency generator in one of our data centers), we will stop the server in order to repair the disks and restart it to maintain the integrity of your data.