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Why choose Server Blast for your hosting service?
Green hosting
We start off with a simple premise:We start off with a simple premise:
On average, a physical server uses only 15% of its capacity. During this time, it continues to consume a 100% of its resources and notably electrical, for its own requirements and the machines which cool them. In short: they pollute more than they need to, and this is more a choice in technology rather than components or methods used.

By proposing a technology different than shared hosting and dedicated machines, our choice is simple: create a resource pool which our clients can draw upon for their immediate and real computing needs. All of which, with a incomparable service quality because your shares can be relocated in the event of any material problems.

Each Server Blast machine has 60 shares of equal resources and backups. By saying 'resources', we mean physical capacity (memory, processor...) and network (bandwidth).

What does this change relative to a dedicated server? Simply that the resources consumed are only those that are actually used! Like all actions of this type, it is very small on a global scale, but it is the actions of many which do a lot!