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Fully Managed
Dedicated Servers
Private Network
Server Blast's "network within a network" design consists of of two logically separate and redundant network architectures:
a public Internet network and a private internal network. Every rack is a private rack at Server Blast.
The internal private network also offers access to a variety of services offered by Server Blast:
Service Monitoring
IPMI Health Monitoring
Server Performance Metrics
Remote Reboot
Private FTP/Rsync Storage Space
Network Attached Storage (NAS)
DNS Resolvers
Update Servers
Server Blast's private internal network is a logically separate and redundant network that is not reachable from the public Internet. Every Server Blast server is connected to the private network as well as the public Internet network. The private network allows your servers to securely communicate at speeds up to 1000Mbps without incurring any bandwidth charges. This eliminates additional switch charges, cross connect fees, and having to move servers from rack to rack as you add servers. This simplifies the process of tasks like adding servers into clusters and enables you to backup data between servers at no charge, adding another level of protection in backup strategies. The private network uses private VLANs for each client just as the public network does to ensure your data is secure in transit. Bandwidth graphs for the private interface are available in Grove. There is no charge for any traffic on the private network.
Improved Support Response
Through our use of IPMI 2.0 technology, the private network allows our technicians secure access to your server through a remote console as if they were physically standing at the server itself. This eliminates the need for a technician to leave their desk, walk into the datacenter, locate your server, connect a server and keyboard, and then finally begin diagnosing issues. IPMI 2.0 functions independently of the software on the server so this access is possible even if the server has hung or is not responding. If there are any issues which are preventing the server from booting, our technicians can reboot the server into a recovery OS and fix any issues needed to get the server back online, all without leaving their desk. This dramatically improves support response times and allows for an unprecedented level of control.