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Fully Managed
Dedicated Servers
Server Blast dedicated servers feature true server-grade hardware:
Intel processors
Server Blast uses the latest server processor designs from industry leader Intel. We offer a wide variety of both dual-core and quad-core processors including Sandy Bridge E3 Xeon CPUs and Westmere Xeon CPUs to meet the performance and budget of every client.
SuperMicro Motherboards
Server Blast uses only server-class SuperMicro motherboards in our servers. SuperMicro emphasizes superior product design and quality control and their resulting products consistently out-feature and out-perform the competition. SuperMicro motherboards are much more reliable than the desktop-class motherboards used by competing providers.
ECC, ECC Registered, and Fully Buffered memory
Server Blast uses Error-Correcting Code (ECC) memory in all of our servers. In systems which support it, we use fully buffered (FB) memory, which offers enhanced error checking and increased performance.
IPMI 2.0
All Server Blast servers come standard with an IPMI 2.0 controller. Through Grove you can use IPMI 2.0 to remotely reboot your server and view your server's vital statistics such as temperature, system voltages, fan speed, etc. It greatly improves Server Blast's support response and resolution times over competing providers by allowing our technicians to securely access a remote KVM console on your server instantly in case of problems. This eliminates the need to relocate into the datacenter to work on your server.
Energy Efficient Power
Server Blast uses only highly efficient power supplies, such as 80 PLUS certified PSUs, in all of our servers. Not only is this better for the environment, it also reduces heat in the servers for extra reliability.
SATA II Standard
Server Blast uses SATA II hard disks in all of its systems by default. We use only the highest quality 7200RPM hard disks from Western Digital. We use Caviar Black series in single disk applications and RAID Edition 4 (RE4) disks in all RAID applications. All of our drives support Native Command Queuing (NCQ) and feature 3.0 or 6.0Gbps interfaces. These drives are designed for 24x7 use in server environments and are much more reliable and higher performing than the desktop drives used by our competition.
Server Blast offers Intel SSDs on it's servers. Intel combines high performance with enterprise reliability making them the best choice for any hosting application.
Server Blast offers Serial Attached SCSI drive options for all of our servers. SAS is the successor to SCSI and offers the reliability of SCSI with increased performance.
PCI-e Interfaces
All Server Blast servers have PCI Express (PCI-e) x8 slots available for drive controller and RAID card upgrades. Most dedicated providers use desktop motherboards which only support 32bit, 66Mhz PCI slots for add-on SCSI, SA-SCSI, and SATA controller cards which creates a bottleneck in the system and impairs system performance.
Dual Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
Every Server Blast server comes standard with two 10 / 100/ 1000Mbps interfaces so you can connect to our primary network and secondary network at the port speed that best fits your needs.
Server Blast offers a variety of RAID options, including RAID 1 / 5 / 6 / 10 to tailor disk performance and reliability to your specific application.
If you have any questions about the hardware that comes preconfigured on your Server Blast server, just contact us!